Pandemic comics: new Nancy

Olivia Jaimes has eveidently caught up with the backlog of advance strips at her syndicate: today Nancy and Sluggo are engaged in online learning. If she’s stuck with the pair isolating together for the duration of the real-world lockdown, one imagines Sluggo will disappear from the strip for months afterwards while Jaimes has Nancy get […]

alan moore mondays: a derivative work for a modern audience

Back in the late 1980s, Alan Moore reworked some material from the 1960s into a formally audacious, intricately-illustrated new work that was seen only in print. Today, a younger creator has issued a new work in the spirit of that Alan Moore comic, set in a present world with different technology, that has been viewed […]

lost legacy

In 2018, for the first time in the history of newspaper comic strips, we saw a worthwhile legacy strip. Usually on the death of a successful cartoonist, the syndicate will engage new artists, writers or cartoonists to carry on the valuable “intellectual property.” Sometimes these might rise to the level of general competence. Never have […]