Gahan Wilson RIP

Gahan Wilson died today, crossing the veil to join thousands of shambling post-life creatures that wobbled and hatched from his pen over six decades of cartooning. One of those included some LP covers, which universally seem to have been commissioned with a telex reading “give us something Gahan Wilson-y” as the brief. Dreams – ‘Imagine […]


Back in 2005, 2006, did you dedicate one desk-lunch a week to opening 12 tabs and sorting them into the right order to read the most recent combination of Achewood daily strips, in-character blogspots, recipes and advice columns? Humming with quiet satisfaction at the interplay between events, gags, and tragic sadness in the protagonists’ private […]

Ten Days Of Halloween: Charles Burns

If you’re spending any Halloween-adjacent time in France, visit the Musée d’art contemporain de Bordeaux to be terrifyingly surrounded by inky black imagery of teen sex plagues in this Charles Burns exhibition. The blown-up work seems to be focused on Black Hole, but the installation (which runs until early February) is coinciding with the release […]

gradienting history on a curve

There are plenty of reasons to resent or mistrust liar and elder-harasser Abraham Riesman’s coverage of comics for New York Magazine, some of them pettier than others. His and Vulture’s characteristic use of computer-recoloured archive material as illustration is generally annoying, but actively painful on both aesthetics and accuracy when making specific historical points. Today […]