Pandemic giveaways: Head Meds

During a time when approximately everyone in the world is having anxiety and depression forced upon them, Tatiana Gill has posted her “Head Meds,” a personal history of brain balance, for free reading. (The reader seems to be optimised for tablets or other vertical-mode screens, NB.) Maybe right now is not the best time for […]

CATS IN COMICS: somewhat spacy

CATS IN COMICS: “A Menace To Society” by Peter Bagge. Subtitled “Sick people who smoke pot to get better…and our government’s tireless efforts to stop them!,” and originally published by Reason magazine in August 2005, the strip was Bagge’s  cartoon journalist investigation into the clashes between medical marijuana programs and federal illegality of cannabis. About […]

girlhero x shrimpy

One month ahead of this year’s small-press festival Short Run, attending and behind-the-scenesing Seattle cartoonist Megan Kelso has interviewed nearby Canadian guest Marc Bell for the festival’s website. In a fairly brief email chat, they manage to address process, creativity, collaboration and the prospect of continuing to generate art in the face of the physical […]

CATS IN COMICS: Kimya & Clyde

CATS IN COMICS: Musician and artist Kimya Dawson and roadie and artist Clyde Petersen have a joint exhibition at the Party Hat Gallery in Pioneer Square, Seattle, right now. Clyde’s part includes a series of cartoons about the punk touring life titled Merch & Destroy: Tour Tales, including a couple of cat appearances. Kimya’s kid-friendly […]