who are Leo’s guys?

Early in the double-header Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio interview on today’s WTF podcast, Leo’s dad George DiCaprio unexpectedly comes up. Host Marc Maron has enough awareness of underground comics to vaguely surf Leo’s explanation of his childhood schlepping posters, prints and comics around to LA’s comic shops, and accidentally hits on a direct interest […]

Santa Claus Meets The TARDISians

Back in 1965, Doctor Who wasn’t necessarily an alien, and while the TV version was clearly from the future, he spent every week imperiling the lives of his human English grandchildren in the pages of the TV Times. This completely bonkers storyline, which starts out with Dr Who making toys of his own TARDIS time-machine-in-the-shape-of-UK-police-infrastructure […]

can’t ban the snowman

saw a Christmas drag / comedy revue last night that included one cast member in an inflatable costume of the telly version of Raymond Brigg’s titular The Snowman (picking up the lead and “flying” him to world locations elsewhere on the stage). Today, a profile in The Guardian opens with 85-year-old Briggs extensively dismissing the […]

man alienates friends, is the real victim

Scott Adams, the cartoonist of Dilbert, author of various self-help and business-advice books, and noted ghoul, has noted that people treat him differently lately. The change comes since he started making most of his public persona about how the white supremacist baby-cager and multiply failed businessman who accidentally became president in 2017 is in fact […]