Pandemic comics: squawking.

Mixed governmental messaging, and a more advanced decay of trust in media than other anglo democracies, has Australia still not getting the seriousness of preventative measures against the virus. Sydney cartoonist and activist Jess Harwood is ruminating on local avian types. (The cartoon appears to only be transmitted virally so far – click through to […]

Pandemic deaths: Juan Giménez

Argentinian artist and Metabarons co-creator Juan Giménez is the first (?) significant cartoonist to die of the ‘vid. As well as being able to paint comics in a full-on detailed 1970s sci-fi paperback style, he could apply that care in deadpan to writer Jodorowsky’s most ludicrous fantasias, helping the series play to a wider span […]

Pandemic giveaways: Head Meds

During a time when approximately everyone in the world is having anxiety and depression forced upon them, Tatiana Gill has posted her “Head Meds,” a personal history of brain balance, for free reading. (The reader seems to be optimised for tablets or other vertical-mode screens, NB.) Maybe right now is not the best time for […]