CATS IN COMICS: the prodigal son returns

CATS IN COMICS: “Returning home for Christmas to find you have been replaced by your parents’ cat,” by Stephen Collins Published in The Guardian, date unknown. Title above taken from a tweet by Collins, titled “Cat Vs Son” in his print shop – click through to buy one of 30, or to see it in […]


CATS IN COMICS: All The Action From Cat Crufts by Stephen Collins Published in The Guardian, 12/3/2016 – widescreen/broadsheet version at the link, the above was restacked for posting here. Crufts, for clarity if needed, is a four-day, annual, international dog show held in the UK since 1886. Of course there are equivalent cat shows, […]

CATS IN COMICS: somewhat spacy

CATS IN COMICS: “A Menace To Society” by Peter Bagge. Subtitled “Sick people who smoke pot to get better…and our government’s tireless efforts to stop them!,” and originally published by Reason magazine in August 2005, the strip was Bagge’s  cartoon journalist investigation into the clashes between medical marijuana programs and federal illegality of cannabis. About […]

Ten Days Of Halloween / CATS IN COMICS: Emil Ferris

Emil Ferris’ tombstone-thick* My Favourite Thing Is Monsters takes the 55-year-old first-time cartoonist’s own childhood influences from monster movies and horror comics, and embeds them deeper into the novel’s girl protagonist. Young Karen both processes & misinterprets the dark adult doings around her through the monster stories whose scares and thrills she finds comforting. Ferris […]