Pandemic comics: Super-Cerebus vs Covid-19

With physical distribution channels shut down, Dave Sim and the small network of fans who collaborate with him on the idiosyncratic collage fumetti Cerebus In Hell have switched from monthly paper pamphlets to free weekly PDFs of new strips and shorts. Adding the virus into the pictures-of-Cerebus-stuck-into-pictures-by-Dore format might not make it any more coherent, or to restore Sim’s once-great sense of humour, but it’s interesting seeing him shift to making fun of something timely – the regular series apparently had over a year’s content stockpiled.

Each issue has a different title: the new one is riffing on the 1970s Superman Vs Muhammed Ali comic. Here’s a single-panel page, and the faux Diamond catalogue solicitation the team worked up (a decent gag in itself, which might end up with some extra weird digital poignancy if the direct market straight-up never comes back).


For those familiar with Sim’s non-comics interests of the last 22 years, don’t worry: he’s still engaging in independent bible study, and faxing the fan who runs a blogspot in lieu of Dave having any official online presence his exegeses. This week, Sim has been reading the Second Book of Moshe for Passover (faxes of his King James translation are also included), which he would have been doing aloud on the street corner if public assembly was still a thing.

‘Definitely an eerie resonance with COVID-19 as the YHWH’s “destroyer” slays all of the first-born in Egypt. Just as COVID-19 resonated with the last half of John’s Revelation and the “seven plagues the last.” Like I say, TMI!’


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