Santa Claus Meets The TARDISians

Back in 1965, Doctor Who wasn’t necessarily an alien, and while the TV version was clearly from the future, he spent every week imperiling the lives of his human English grandchildren in the pages of the TV Times. This completely bonkers storyline, which starts out with Dr Who making toys of his own TARDIS time-machine-in-the-shape-of-UK-police-infrastructure […]

CATS IN COMICS: the prodigal son returns

CATS IN COMICS: “Returning home for Christmas to find you have been replaced by your parents’ cat,” by Stephen Collins Published in The Guardian, date unknown. Title above taken from a tweet by Collins, titled “Cat Vs Son” in his print shop – click through to buy one of 30, or to see it in […]

can’t ban the snowman

saw a Christmas drag / comedy revue last night that included one cast member in an inflatable costume of the telly version of Raymond Brigg’s titular The Snowman (picking up the lead and “flying” him to world locations elsewhere on the stage). Today, a profile in The Guardian opens with 85-year-old Briggs extensively dismissing the […]

Best Of The Decade: hell no

The explosion of comics across platforms and formats and distribution systems this decade should make any comprehensive roundup of the best a mammoth, months-long task for a staff and freelancers to collate. But! The SyFyWire website, a division of NBC / Universal / Comcast, has narrowed the scope by focusing only on the Most Influential […]


CATS IN COMICS: All The Action From Cat Crufts by Stephen Collins Published in The Guardian, 12/3/2016 – widescreen/broadsheet version at the link, the above was restacked for posting here. Crufts, for clarity if needed, is a four-day, annual, international dog show held in the UK since 1886. Of course there are equivalent cat shows, […]