CATS IN COMICS: somewhat spacy

CATS IN COMICS: “A Menace To Society” by Peter Bagge. Subtitled “Sick people who smoke pot to get better…and our government’s tireless efforts to stop them!,” and originally published by Reason magazine in August 2005, the strip was Bagge’s  cartoon journalist investigation into the clashes between medical marijuana programs and federal illegality of cannabis. About […]

guided ethical capitalism

Lisa Hanawalt’s print, web and magazine cartooning  – before being a main creative force behind two TV shows largely derailed it – often made fun of marketing and luxury capitalism. For the promoted shopping season that Americans call “the holidays,” she is turning the tables with a gift guide for New York magazine’s NYMag’s The […]

remember Spurge obits? they’re back, in comics form

P. Revess / M. Kupperman has a eulogy strip for Tom Spurgeon up at Columbia Journalism Review. And after an immediate formal obit at The Comics Journal that nobody should bother reading, TCJ posted a wide range of worthwhile remembrances of Spurge. A standalone essay by longtime colleague and friend Eric Reynolds is warm, open, […]

Howard Cruse RIP

One of the lightest underground cartoonists, then founding editor of Gay Comics, and then creator of civil-rights roman-a-clef graphic novel Stuck Rubber Baby, Howard Cruse has died at 75. Having only worked in shorts and strips his whole career, when Cruse signed to do Stuck Rubber Baby with Piranha Press, the advance from DC’s alternative […]

alan moore mondays: swimming pools of blood

Out of print for decades, bootlegged on the web: Shadowplay – The Secret Team. (The reader is terrible: pick your download format further down.) Moore and Bill Sienkiewicz’ half of the Christic Institute-researched non-fiction comic, the savage, scabrous 48 pages of paint and rage stomped in on the back of the Iran-Contra hearings to trace […]

Gahan Wilson RIP

Gahan Wilson died today, crossing the veil to join thousands of shambling post-life creatures that wobbled and hatched from his pen over six decades of cartooning. One of those included some LP covers, which universally seem to have been commissioned with a telex reading “give us something Gahan Wilson-y” as the brief. Dreams – ‘Imagine […]

equality: achieved

After decades of power imbalances, secretary chasing, exploitative “portfolio reviews,” and a 21st century positively crammed with corporate protection of sexually assaulting editors and senior writers at DC Comics, it’s thrilling to have a woman in comics finally #MeToo-ed for drunkenly pashing a guy. We did it, everybody! [update: Beat link dead, here’s a summary.]