Ten Days Of Halloween: Blue Devil

1985 was one of the most try-anything periods of DC Comics’ superhero publishing. After a successful experiment with Ronin and a contentious battle with Thriller, they commissioned prestige projects like The Dark Knight and changed Watchmen from a showy introduction of aquired characters into a creator-“owned” standalone. Jack Kirby was brought back to hastily truncate […]

Ten Days Of Halloween: Joe Matt

For a solid decade and a half, one reliable standard in the mercurial world of corporate-owned comics was the yearly Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror anthology. From cartoonist and Simpsons creator Matt Groening’s own publishing entity Bongo Comics (named for the one-eared rabbit from his long-running weekly strip), the annual took a cue from the outré […]

Ten Days Of Halloween: Jules Feiffer

A classic horror story premise: in some way or another, those around you are replaced with close, almost-undetectable simulacra. Life goes on as normal, until some detail finally makes you realise that society has changed, that the people you interact with every day fundamentally don’t think the same way as you, or the same way […]

Ten Days Of Halloween / CATS IN COMICS: Emil Ferris

Emil Ferris’ tombstone-thick* My Favourite Thing Is Monsters takes the 55-year-old first-time cartoonist’s own childhood influences from monster movies and horror comics, and embeds them deeper into the novel’s girl protagonist. Young Karen both processes & misinterprets the dark adult doings around her through the monster stories whose scares and thrills she finds comforting. Ferris […]

Ten Days Of Halloween: Gahan Wilson

Gahan Wilson is probably the most widely-read horror cartoonist in the English language. Even a single issue of 1970s Playboy outsold any American comic of the last five decades, and he spent nearly five decades in their pages, cycling through multiple generations of readers. Add to that decades in the New Yorker, Colliers, other magazines […]

Ten Days Of Halloween: Reed Crandall

On Ebay right now: a page from EC horror classic Only Skin Deep, drawn by Reed Crandall and written by Al Feldstein – yours for only $10,000 plus shipping. Originally published in Tales From The Crypt #38 in 1953, legend has it that this short is one of those especially responsible for the institution of […]

Ten Days Of Halloween: Charles Burns

If you’re spending any Halloween-adjacent time in France, visit the Musée d’art contemporain de Bordeaux to be terrifyingly surrounded by inky black imagery of teen sex plagues in this Charles Burns exhibition. The blown-up work seems to be focused on Black Hole, but the installation (which runs until early February) is coinciding with the release […]