of mice and two men looking at a dragon lady

Holy shit, cancel all headlines from a few months ago about the Beatles jacking off in the same room when they were speed-addled teenagers. John Steinbeck wrote an extremely horny fan letter to Milton Caniff in 1942, panting that the Dragon Lady had given him his first boner in years (“warm[ing his] old bones and […]

ware on brown

Although: the parenthetical, closely spaced eyes in the middle of Charlie Brown’s fat bald head resembling nothing about Schulz the man For such a non-representational cartoonist as Ware to read Schulz’s simplified, iconic cartooning – in an essay that praises it! – as literal is surprisingly imprecise. In this drawing of Jimmy Corrigan by Ware, […]

it’s about ethics in micropublishing platforms

at The Daily Beast: Twitter Suspends an Account for a Cartoon of Captain America Punching a Nazi Since The Walt Disney Company is currently the legal author of the cover to 1941’s Captain America #1, not Jacob Kurtzberg, for consistency’s sake Twitter and @jack ought to immediately suspend all the various accounts of Disney brands, […]

you can bet Garth Ennis would have used the word “frogsack”

Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg’s TV adaptation of the road-movie-inspired comic Preacher came up with the budget-conscious innovation of having each season stay in one single location. This worked pretty well for the prequel nature of the first season, seeing the frustrations that led protagonist Jesse Custer to hit the road with his ungodly pals […]

CATS IN COMICS: another Cat Person in the New Yorker

CATS IN COMICS: In print today or so, and heralded on the web, former multi-year winner of Most Scabrously Hate-Filled Cartoonist Alive, Ivan Brunetti, has a very sweet cover cartoon on the New Yorker about an unforeseen conflict on a “First Date.” Not in the print magazine is a brief interview between Brunetti and Françoise […]