with chief editing comes great responsibility

Great piece by Ken Parille at TCJ on Steve Ditko’s resistance to editorial or collaborative interference. When Ditko stopped talking to Stan Lee at all about Spider-Man (but kept turning in pages), it began a decades-long withdrawal from any publishing enterprise that allowed scripters or editors or, eventually, anyone at all to affect the content […]

nostradamus bagge

Mononymic artist of cars / photographer of ladies Coop has found a hand-written note of encouragement Peter Bagge sent him three decades ago. Several things Pete says in it have absolutely played out: Coop sticking to his snotty teen attitude and being successful from it (no prediction about getting rich off zippo lighters, though), Fantagraphics […]

alan moore mondays: nic roeg (long bow)

Screenwriter Josh Olson (Oscar-nominated for adapting the Wagner / Locke graphic novel A History Of Violence in 2006) and EC Comics-influenced director Joe Dante have a podcast where they get a guest to discuss a list of films on a given topic. Cartoonist Stephen R. Bissette (Swamp Thing, Taboo, Tyrant) was on a couple of […]

captions very much in character

Douglas Wolk, author of Reading Comics, is several years into working on some kind of book to result from him reading every single Marvel comic ever. Possibly history, possibly analysis, perhaps he’s just trying to become the Flaming Carrot? Who can say. As he goes along this marathon, he’s noting snippets of cross-referencing that he’s […]