SPL: Pet Awareness Month

Seattle Public Library’s commitment to including comics in their themed displays is always charming, but this is a bit of a mixed message. Maybe Pet Awareness month could be honoured with some Where’s Michael manga, or Mutts strip collections? Or… A shirtless dude absolutely DRIPPING with blood and covered in dangling viscera? Good old DC’s […]

Chick Trumps

Somebody please reinstall payphones across Seattle so I can find some of these left inside: A pretty dead-on faux Chick tract about Donald Trump’s oafish venality is being distributed nationally by a multi-denominational group of Christians from Seattle neighbourhood Columbia City. There’s one about the Russia witch hunt, too. The city’s conservative broadsheet approves, though […]

comics by elimination

Someone on an old-school role-playing game tumblr has compiled a bunch of computer-screen illustrations from a 48-page RPG supplement written by John M. Ford in 1985 into a pretty succinct, accurately predictive comic. (Amongst many other things, Ford also wrote two Star Trek novels in the ’80s. One, from 1984, was a serious worldbuilder about […]

cartoonist healthcare is citizen healthcare

Tom Spurgeon notes that S. Clay Wilson’s partner & caregiver Lorraine Chamberlain “could use some help negotiating some patients rights issue” at a hospital that he’s currently admitted to, entering the ICU a week ago. The longtime underground cartoonist, Checkered Demon and Captain Pissgums creator and Zap! comics squad member suffered a brain injury in […]