Nate Powell’s essay-in-comics About Face was published on Popula a month ago, and has been echoing with me since. An examination of how American violence culture has merged lawlessness and rectitude, nondescriptness and visual marketing, rebellion and conformity through his life, it’s compellingly drawn in bold lines and water-colours. His brushwork is personal enough to […]

lost legacy

In 2018, for the first time in the history of newspaper comic strips, we saw a worthwhile legacy strip. Usually on the death of a successful cartoonist, the syndicate will engage new artists, writers or cartoonists to carry on the valuable “intellectual property.” Sometimes these might rise to the level of general competence. Never have […]

Seattle in the 1970s, by Neal Adams

Tipped off by an interview with Bill Schelly regarding his new biography of Warren publisher James Warren, I went hunting this story he likened to Feiffer’s Little Murders: They could deal with stories and themes that one could see on The Twilight Zone TV show—which was certainly at a higher level than what a kid […]

you used to call me on my self own

Kelly Kanayama classifying G-Moz readers on twitter: If your favourite Grant Morrison comic is A Glass Of Water, you: -still enjoy liking things not everyone has read-prefer comics to be drawn by people who can write their own comics, even when they’re just drawing-think that stapled anthology comics from the ’90s are probably the apex […]

cancel culture has gone too far

Here’s Iron Circus publisher Spike Trotman offering a clarification on twitter: And… idk, I can get Americans not really getting what Viz is, or seeing a couple of Johnny Fartpants or Buster Gonad one-page strips from the ’80s and concluding that it’s all juvenile toilet humour. But edgelord? Trolling for shock value, to one-up competitors? […]